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Most of my online shop is down because

I am in the midst of markets and a fashion shoot with so many garments being sold, I cannot keep track... so, I had to take off most of my garments for the time being.  Do not hesitate to get in touch.  Thank you... on the run💕💕💕💕

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Granola Nut Bars... the way I make them

Granola Nut Bars  … how I make them… Kjaer :) 3 overflowing cups nuts (I love: almonds, cashews, pecans, sunflower, pumpkin) with a little chia seeds… couple of tablespoons  - I have put in a plastic bag and bashed them and have also used a food processor but don’t grind too fine… this will help the bars set firm) Sea salt in the mixture and some on the top just before baking Use about 1 teaspoon vanilla extract  And 1/4 PLUS maple syrup Mix well all these ingredients in a bowl   Important to line a baking dish with parchment… as you can probably guess.. mine is messy with the sides raggedy and long… PRESS firmly with a spatula… throw in oven at...

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SELF KJAER (self care)

Consider this a personal invitation to come on by and join my Private Online Facebook Group as we celebrate how we have and will take care of ourselves.  Join many wonderful people as we work through positive living NOW...  About A private place to share with others on Facebook... I need a little Self Kjaer (care)... I think you might too... we have been at this for almost a year. A little optimistic living NOW is needed ...working together, as a community... we can inspire, motivate and encourage each other. Some examples of what I, and you, can do right now to lessen the difficulties that we are all living in... ideas of what WE might want to share: health...

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