Granola Nut Bars... the way I make them

Granola Nut Bars 

  • … how I make them… Kjaer :)
  • 3 overflowing cups nuts (I love: almonds, cashews, pecans, sunflower, pumpkin) with a little chia seeds… couple of tablespoons  - I have put in a plastic bag and bashed them and have also used a food processor but don’t grind too fine… this will help the bars set firm)

Sea salt in the mixture and some on the top just before baking

Use about 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 

And 1/4 PLUS maple syrup

Mix well all these ingredients in a bowl


Important to line a baking dish with parchment… as you can probably guess.. mine is messy with the sides raggedy and long… PRESS firmly with a spatula… throw in oven at 325 for about 30 to 35 minutes… I do 40 or more as I like them dark… YUM!


The hardest part… wait one hour before slicing and eating… (or 30 minutes or so in fridge).. you need the maple syrup to set…grab the paper and pull out the bars with paper on a flat surface...SO easy to cut with a long sharp knife !... store in fridge or freeze… but.. you will and your family will eat them all… FAST! :) 


Enjoy! Kjaer of Kome Clothing