SELF KJAER (self care)

Consider this a personal invitation to come on by and join my Private Online Facebook Group as we celebrate how we have and will take care of ourselves.  Join many wonderful people as we work through positive living NOW... 


A private place to share with others on Facebook...
I need a little Self Kjaer (care)... I think you might too... we have been at this for almost a year.
A little optimistic living NOW is needed ...working together, as a community... we can inspire, motivate and encourage each other.
Some examples of what I, and you, can do right now to lessen the difficulties that we are all living in... ideas of what WE might want to share:
health tips
Movies watched
Books read
Beauty ideas that we like
Various online exercises and movement ideas
Gratitudes to practice appreciation
Art ideas to do together
Mindfulness and meditations
Thoughts on how to be kind to ourselves
Cooking for joy and health
Sleeping better and natural remedies
How to get healthier and maybe thinner too
All sorts of things we have learned in how to cope over this year
Basic solid advice on how we are feeling good
.. yes... GOOD damnit!!
JOIN THIS PRIVATE ONLINE GROUP... a place to support each other and always be kind