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Marilyn R. Wilson, the famous author, wrote about ME!

This is a group of friends and our husbands at Marilyn's home.  She is undoubtedly the hostess with the mostess and loves to entertain! (Don't you admire women like that?)  Marilyn is also a writer and you can find her books on Amazon among over places... and you can find her - Marilyn R. Wilson Writer/Author - easily on Facebook.  Her books are: Life Outside the Box and The Wisdom of Listening.  Have you bought one YET? Thank YOU Marilyn... I am so glad I ran across this article again....  Let Me Introduce You To Kjaer Neletia Pedersen!   Written by: Marilyn R. Wilson As I remember it, I was introduced to Kjaer Neletia Pedersen by my dear friend...

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