Wow... the Coronavirus has changed things... just BREATHE!!!

I have been walking in my neighbourhood... hope you have too. Let me know how you are doing.

I have done Tai Chi for some time. I originally took lessons, over 30 years ago, from a local master, Howard, when I discovered that a good friend, Karen Mak, wanted to learn... so, I bought us both lessons for her 30th birthday. Then, years later, decided my sons should learn and so I bought lessons for the three of us and I remember walking with them in forested paths and we would stop and do Tai Chi along the way. Later, I decided that fellow teachers at Mission Secondary would want to learn and so put together an after school class for all of us.

Along the way, as time goes on, I haven't regularly practiced Tai Chi as much as I once did, but often I do a little Qi Gong... and, for this time of our lives, I searched to find what I LOVE.. I found this fabulous HAPPY woman that I can joyously, even in these difficult times, relate to and start my day with... check it out... let me know if you, too, like this....

Much love and stay safe out there people