We get by with a little help from our friends... REALLY!

This is such a difficult time for so many small businesses... and certainly I am one of those.  To have all of my markets cancelled.. Spring through Summer and we have no idea yet about our Winter shows.  One Spring Market said they could not return all of my money... and then the amazing Out Of Hand Market not only returned my money, but also promoted me and all the other Spring Vendors on their Instagram... I am so grateful!... When I received my first order due to their promotion, I posted this: 

It is true true true that I have been doing HAPPY DANCING... your support is amazing!  Remember, too, that to support me online with no purchasing is still fabulous as it gets my name out there... so, on Instagram and Facebook... remember please... to like, comment and SHARE.  Thanks so very much.... Take care of yourself and see you SOON!