Walk with Kjaer 2020 - on Facebook... join me :)

As I age, and I think of my life, I begin to realize a few things …


….and what hit me hard the other day was that it was just a blink ago when my mother and my father-in-law were the age of my husband and myself, and that we quite arogantly knew what was best for them.  I would tell my mom, as Jeff would tell his dad… just go out for a walk!!  We knew back then that they needed to move to feel better.  It was so sad to go see them getting weaker when we felt that they could be much happier and stronger if they would just move a bit.


My father was amazing in moving.  All of my dad’s family are quite something in knowing how to take care of themselves.  They are Danish and the Danish move.  They go out for walks, they ride bikes… they just move.  My Dad worked downtown and it was about a 20 minute walk from our house to his work.  My Dad chose to walk.  He walked 6 days a week back and forth.  He retired in his late 80’s and was always so healthy and strong.  


All of our parents are gone now and Jeff and I are of the generation now to enjoy our life or … not.


The photo is of my little sister and me a little over two years ago when we went to Venice, Italy.  I remember how we so quickly got stronger over our holiday because every single day we walked and we walked a lot!


Anyway, as I say, as I age, I look at my energy both mentally and physically.  I am getting a bit lazy many days and wonder where my energy has gone.  My husband has not been well and I think that has slowed us both down.  I also have had some difficulties with my studios and as of this month, I feel that I am set for the next 30 years in the same studio… I can only wish!


But, it dawned on me that I have so many friends, especially online, that might benefit from my personal determination to move… mostly just walk.   I decided to have a commitment to move my body only 20 minutes a day.  20 minutes.  Only.  I give myself permission to move four times a day for just 5 minutes each time… twice a day for 10 minutes… or… the full 20 and some days more.    Selfishly I felt that if others signed up with me, then I would HAVE to stay committed to move daily.  As an open hearted woman who has cherished being a teacher and giving joy to many students, and then as a designer for all size women and again giving joy… well, I gratefully see that I am again giving joy to other human beings.


I invited anyone to join.  Some of my friends seem to live to move, and they can inspire the rest of us.  Some are not working everyday and spend hours training, walking and just exercising.  A couple are actually movement instructors.  Then I have many who have joined my group and seem to be like me.  Just could use a little encouragement... commitment… but, are physically pretty good overall and know that soon they will be better… stronger… and soon will feel a little younger … or, so we can only hope.


What has particularly inspired me, and made me feel like I did something GOOD, has been when people post of their accomplishments as they gratefully thank this facebook page for inspiring them to move.  Some people have huge obstacles and moving sometimes even a fraction of the 20 minutes is enough.


Anyway, I decided to commit only to having this page for January 2020.  I/we might decide to continue posting, motivating and being motivated for a long time to come possibly.  We will see.  On this page, I also post questions that give us time to think about our own life and joys.... some will share with others.  But, in the meantime, I made a good decision to start this.  You should consider making a good decision and joining us… just go to Facebook and search out… WALK WITH KJAER 2020.  See you soon!