Laura's amazing pottery link and my awesome food

I posted this on my Instagram and Facebook...

I am totally not one to show my plated food, however, I wanted to share how I find extra pleasures in life. I find joy just in using this bowl. I guess I NEED one for my husband too. 🙂 ... you might want to look at and enjoy more of this amazing potters work... buy local 💕.. she teaches too btw... love and appreciation to ❤️❤️

I am so getting into these bowls of food... yum!.. this is a sautéed cabbage, caramelized onion humous, carrots baked with dill, butter, salt, pepper and olive oil, sauerkraut, lightly breaded chicken with a little soy and all on top of basmati rice and then all topped with a sprinkle of organic black sesame ... OMG... yum yum... and tonight we are making falafel, tahini sauce that we made with lots of garlic, tomatoes, raw cabbage, salad... and... whatever else comes to mind... love these bowls of pleasure!!!