Finding a few simple pleasures during this difficult time made me want to share....

I admit that I have been an aromatherapy lover for many many a year... and yet... the day I walked into Green Valley Aromatherapy in Comox, Vancouver Island, BC... I was amazed at their aromas.  Year after year, during the Filberg Festival, I would return to purchase an ever widening my array of blends from this fabulous small business.

I quickly learned that one blend, in particular, for ME!!! was what I had been looking for in all these years.  I am crazy about "Tranquility Blend".  CRAZY!!!  I put it in my bedroom and when I open the door to my room it is always with a smile and a huge breathe of joy and gratitude. (just like the photo... haha)

I decided to ask Green Valley if they would offer my customers a promotional coupon code just for them, and they said... YES!  They will offer you FREE SHIPPING on anything you order using the coupon code:   KOME2020

Green Valley Aromatherapy promotes an holistic alternative to standard health care and specializes in supplying 100% pure essential oils imported from around the world for their clients. They consistently maintain the highest standards in quality and purity of aromatherapy oils, as well as offering top quality aromatherapy products which are all natural, environmentally friendly and not tested on animals.

By the way, I also love my various diffusers, and use and enjoy a variety... however, as the lazy woman I can be, I have come to enjoy the "Aromapearl Diffuser"... no water!!!