Chef Jeff makes a Curry Chicken / Veggie Dish... yum!!!

My husband, Jeff, and I, are amazing cooks... I often lovingly call him Chef Jeff... especially when he makes me fabulous meals!!!  This was one of those dishes that truly turned out to be one of the best meals I have had in my entire life!  It was perfect.  Chef Jeff made it all by himself and totally impressed us both.  I think part of the reason it was beyond excellent, was that our free range chicken was perfection to begin with.  He used Thai Red Curry spice paste, by the way, but any would do.

Jeff and I have our own personal family recipes... tried and true...  those we find on internet and a ton of cook books... if you like this, tell me so that I will post more GREAT recipes.

You can save or copy the recipe below for your printing pleasure.

OH... Let us know if you use this recipe and how it turned out for YOU :)