Cathy's comments and new video for Anna

Cathy appreciated the videos I sent her (see the earlier blog)... and she liked the garments I chose SO much that she decided to come by and we had a wonderful time with her shopping.  I set up a chair for her husband and the three of us relaxed... Cathy later wrote me this:


Wow what a great experience.  We were worried about social distancing and shopping but after your wonderful video you sent me showcasing a few articles, I so wanted to take a look at what you had.

You are wonderful.  We didn’t have to touch anything, you had hand sanitizer to use when we arrived and when we left even though you opened all the doors for us from distance.

What a great way to shop during this time of concern about our health.

Thanks so much for all you do.

I feel so special and love having new things to wear. 


AND then her friend, Anna emailed me to ask about a garment she wants made up... these are the emails I am sending her... AND look at the new Blog... I am showing you, and Anna, every silk I have in stock that is big enough to make at least a mid thigh jacket.