Cathy and Patricia decide to shop at home with KOME

How wonderful!  One of my best customers wrote me to ask if I would do a video of what she might like... so, I did... it became 3 videos and I could have made twice that amount... Cathy wanted so many of them that she decided it would be best for her to make an appointment and visit.  That is FABULOUS!!!!

Patricia wanted a special gift for herself for her birthday and showed her boyfriend what she was considering, and he decided to buy her the red and black top that my son, Karson, painted.  Both of my sons always chose to take my Art classes when they were in high school along with their AP courses in Math, English and Science.  They still honour me by coming by my studio and playing with my art supplies.... and I LOVE IT!!!

As you know, I am open with appointments, and also super happy to make videos just for you.