• Watercolored Ruana with trim


    This Ruana is one of my most popular garments.  This one has a black polyester trim on the side.  It can be sewn at the side into a jacket instead of being open at the side... it is a personal choice... I love the flow of a ruana but most women like security of an arm.  This length is available at this price, and talk to me if you want shorter or longer, as prices will vary.  This is a love forever garment, and I have made sure that I have a lot of fabric to create this for you!

    See this piece, and others, being tried on in my KOME Studio in North Vancouver where I make everything you see: Lisa in KOME

       Fabric: silk - I was honoured in being named as the exclusive designer on the West Coast to be able to order this fabric as no other designers can get it any longer.

       Size: one size with a loose relaxed fit that drapes beautifully on EVERY body

       designed without seams so that it drapes effortlessly

       outstanding quality creating effortlessly fabulous dressing

       comfortable, versatile, stylish, elegant and yet fuss free

       easy packing as it is light weight and folds in little space

       wear casual or to your finest events

       various fabrics available if you wish to discuss options

        created with seam side out when trims are added

   pleased to make for you upon request - longer/shorter/wider/narrower/sleeve length/etc

       Canadian made by Kjaer in her North Vancouver Studio