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S to L Silk very stretchy hat....this hat is double bubble black silk when I made it and then shown here is the best way to wear it... double up again by folding the black sillk back... super comfy hat!

My hats are measured so you CAN measure your head too... but, most of them are as my clothiing is... one size fits most... there is a bit of stretch always in the brim, so, that going up or down one size is no problem... most of us know how hats fit us best... for me, I have realized my head is bigger than most... and I totally do not like tight hats (or bras, or pants, or shoes... or even hair bands... haha)

Now if you decide the size is not right for you, on online orders, exchanging is fine... just email me for details.

How to Measure Hat Size: 

Wrap a tape measure around your head, including the top of your ears, resting at the point where the hat will sit.

  • Size S: 21” - 54/55 cm
  • Size M: 22” - 56/57 cm
  • Size L: 23” - 58/59 cm
  • Size XL: 24” - 60/63 cm
  • Size XXL: 24.5 - 64/65 cm