March Art and Craft Classes
March Art and Craft Classes
March Art and Craft Classes

March Art and Craft Classes

$150.00 Sale price

3 evenings with total of 9 hours of class, refreshments (including wine) and all good quality art supplies.
Stencil Wooden Box
Acrylic paints, stencils and a sturdy wooden tissue box. Jump right into designing your box. If there is time left over, you are welcome to play a little more on paper. Class is officially over at 9:00 but you are welcome to stay until 9:30 to finish, talk and ... well, of course, if you want you can shop my clothing lne..... Thursday, March 12
Vision Board
OH... and then Creating a vision board is a fun, tangible, and powerful way to say “Yes please!” to the abundance you’d like to receive (and deserve!) in your life..I will provide ideas and have a framed canvas waiting for you, along with magazines, scissors and gloss medium. You can arrive as early as 6:30 and class begins at 7:00... you are welcome to stay until 9:30...... Thursday, March 19

Oil Pastel Art
Create a masterpiece. You will be provided with many images to help you decide what works for you. I will encourage a super large oversize design and provide you with refreshments, good company of people you are now getting to know, great pastels... AND your work will be sprayed and enclosed in a frame..... Thursday, March 26

Conversation... Connection... Creativity... ART with Kjaer - March 2020

Hello my dear friends and customers... I want to offer you an extraordinary experience creating in a comfortable environment where you don't have to be an artist to just have FUN!

Thursday nights THIS month.

I am offering you early drop in to enjoy friendships, wine, coffee, tea and a little snacking at 6:30. Please arrive BY 7:00 as I will be introducing our nightly class at that time.

My art/craft for the month of March are joyous experiences so that you can continue visiting and connecting as you create.

One night will be a personal journey to post in your home for the year (I use my ensuite). Another evening will be a fun experience using my endless stencils to make a wooden kleenex box for yourself or for a gift. And then a truly artistic experience when we create oil pastels and even get them framed.

Each class is $50.00, but, all three are only $100.00.

You might not know this about me but I happen to be an extraordinarily gifted Art Teacher (true!) with 30 years in the classroom teaching from Grades One to Twelve, including at the University Level and then there are all of the Teacher Workshops I have done and other Adult Art programs.

I am changing up my life a little. I am working on being more social. I have a tendency, as the artist I am, to be quite reclusive. I have started a weekly walking, talking and brunching program on the North Shore and it is great! You might want to consider joining if you can.

Now, as a teacher, an artist and my new decision to open up my life to others and create ... I thought about it and I want YOU to leave our art/craft projects with something worthwhile that you will keep or give as a gift.. and having a truly good feeling meeting other wonderful people. Doesn't this sound fabulous?

By the way, a few years ago, after being Artist In Residence for almost 5 years and working/teaching at that time too, I made up this site to continue teaching full classrooms of 30 school age students in after school programs:

A couple of interesting and certainly challenging courses that I created back when I was the Artist In Residence were:

  1. I offered art classes at a school. I had full classes of 30 in various grades, however, the Grade 1's surprisingly signed up 90 children. YIKES! I was asked if I wanted to do 3 after school classes for just the Grade 1's alone or tell 60 students that they could not attend.  I did not actually like either option, and, instead, said... Gee... I can do all 90 of them in the gym for a four week class. HaHaHA... it was truly like herding kittens... YIKES! I did it though! I was quite successful with all happy children and happier parents as they went running out week after week to buy frames for their children's art.
  2. Another time was when I said... YUP!... I can create a massive clay mural with 600 people in every Grade level at an Elementary School! And, I did it... you can see that, too, on the Art For Schools website. I have a tendency, proven time and again, on taking on FAR too much and yet making it work.

I hope you decide to sign up for these classes. I also will offer online classes soon IF you have an interest. Let me know if you do. Email me on that...

Anyway, I invite you to come early and stay late if you like. I will have a few goodies every week to munch on and various drinks. I also made sure that I have very good quality supplies for your craft and art projects. I guess, much as I hope to eventually make a little money with my teaching again, what I really am aiming for is just to relax, meet, chat and do a little art with some other amazing human beings who might like doing the same thing.

Conversation... Connection... Creativity... ART with Kjaer 2020

I am offering this online as a one time package deal, but, I can give you just the one night for $50.00 if you prefer...message me if you should want that.