Kantha Triangled Ruana - TRVC202
Kantha Triangled Ruana - TRVC202

Kantha Triangled Ruana - TRVC202

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Kantha Garments created individually by Kjaer in North Vancouver, Canada and are all one of a kind.


When you buy one of these KOME vintage repurposed garments, know that you are not just supporting a small Canadian business, but, also women who have left the red light district and are making their living creating this handicraft. You might even consider these magnificent pieces as heirlooms for your family.


When I first saw this vintage repurposed fabric it was love at first sight. I am an artist and the beauty of these old saris created from 2 to 5 layers of used fabrics created joy in my heart.


I buy my Kantha fabric from a fair trade company in Bangladesh.They support over 1500 artisans in rural poor areas. These women are now making their living sewing, using a simple running stitch and often with truly delightful patches indicating the age and wear of the fabrics. No two are ever alike


Each garment is made with love by many women… including me… and it is just for you. ENJOY


My exclusive line can be found only online, in my studio by appointment in North Vancouver, or at the @Nicheartgallery on Granville Island, Vancouver