Customer Testimonials... the best! Thank YOU for taking a minute to write to me!!!

Hi Kjaer,

It was great attending your fashion show yesterday. Very happy to have purchased the scarf/dress/top.

What I like about your line and selection is the versatility of use. You have some pieces that are perfect for traveling. They are versatile , easy to pack , no need to iron. Now when I travel, weight is such a concern and the type of clothing for different events and even seasons can be challenging. Your pieces are a perfect answer to that burden.

Keep on creating more clothing that can be used different ways. It suits most of our lifestyles these days.

Vera Unwin
I recently bought some items online from K-O.ME studios and then was in town and decided to go and have a visit with Kjaer and her studio. I flew in from Winnipeg in the morning and once checking into my hotel in Richmond I hopped the Skytrain, the Seabus and transit and found the studio in no time.
I was a little curious as to what my experience would be. Let me say that I had a blast. Kjaer was great in assisting me and I tried on a TON of items over the two or so hours that I was there. I walked away with 3 new pieces and a few more lingering in my mind. Kjaer was very helpful and did not pressure me in any way. I just wish I had more money with me!  Now that I am home and wearing my tops I am getting complements galore. I now have requests to take a few girls from Winnipeg out to Vancouver to see Kjaer's works of art.  Thank you Kjaer for making me feel welcome!
Best regards

OH my goodness I don’t know where to start....when I walk into Kjaer's Studio it is like walking into a flower shop where all the beautiful fragrances fill your nostrils.  However, you actually have to go up to each individual flower to see and smell its own beauty.  Thats how I feel about Kjaer's garments - there is a delightful, giddy feeling when you walk into her studio.  SO many beautiful colours, textures and styles, and, you actually have to go to an individual garment to touch it, and then try it on to really see its own beauty. When I put on one of Kjaer's pieces it literally takes my breath away. Every garment is as individual as I am!  There is a garment that fits my every mood and need....  to elegant, princess, diva, and to just plain me.




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above three garments in studio April 2018

Some written comments very recently received:

"KOME Clothing is joyful, comfortable, revolutionary and beautiful - a cutting edge concept with timeless appeal.  I always recommend you when friends ask about what I'm wearing."  Karen Jones

"I really get a lot of joy out of wearing the long flowy vest that Joan and my dad gave me. The colours are gorgeous and I always get compliments when I wear it.  I love that it's a one of a kind piece that clearly doesn't come from the local department store.  We live in France and it's always a pleasure to tell people that the designer comes from Vancouver!" Susan Coleman

"I  K-O.ME - I have 4 pieces and every time I wear one of these beautiful pieces I receive lots of compliments ..... Makes a girl smile. Thanks Kjaer "- Donna Bereska

“To all my friends near and far. ..including New York, Europe, all over the US and rest of Canada... Kjaer’s pieces are the perfect gift for yourself or a friend... women of any age or size... so no wrong sizes here... unique, hand sewn and designed one of a kind pieces and crazy ridiculously low prices in beautiful choices of fabrics... easy pack, perfect for travel... dress ‘em up or down. Changes an outfit look in seconds.” – Randi Winter

“Kjaer Neletia Pedersen makes some amazing pieces!!  I remember being in awe when I used to work for her, she is a talent you see!! Check out her Instagram too @komeclothing as well to witness the amazingness and updates in general.” – Hailley Marie

“Designer alert!!  I had the privilege of modelling some of Kjaer's beautiful K-O.ME designs in the summer.  If you're looking for presents or something to wear yourself .... check it out! All designs are handmade!” – Loralee Parks

“Hello Everyone.  If you are looking for a unique, custom designed gift for yourself or someone else you love, please check out Kjaer's work.  She is amazing!” – Melissa Mann

“Hey Everyone!! Kjaer Neletia Pedersen of KOME Clothing - I highly recommend checking out her stunning, handmade designs and making it to North Van to take advantage...  everything she makes is so flattering on literally every body type!  Gift ideas.... ”  - Shay Lhea

“My dear friend Kjaer Neletia Pedersen - the designer behind Clothing (and creator of my fab skull print shirt, scarves and jacket)”  - Marilyn R. Wilson

“Hi everyone, I can highly recommend this very talented and creative designer, Kjaer Neletia Pedersen. I can speak from first hand experience as to how beautiful her creations are as I've currently got a lovely piece hanging in my closet. She is an amazing woman and the colours and sensuous textures of the fabrics will have you salivating!” – Suzann Kingston

“My friend, Kjaer Neletia Pedersen, designs amazing clothes and inspires me with her creativity and talent.  Kjaer designs beautiful clothes that work on every body type.  Her clothes are fun, fabulous, and fashionable.  A true talent!"  – Alyson Jones

“So many compliments come my way when I'm wearing one of Kjaer Neletia Pedersen's creations. So happy for you and your recent well deserved recognition!” – Lisa Dunn

“GUYS!! how lucky am I that I know the designer @komeclothing  I get compliments every time I wear them ”  - Kimberly Lagarowich

"When you've asked about my clothes, look here!”  - Sandy Pedersen Inkster

“Hi Kjaer - I bought a few items from you on Saturday - wore one last night & got lots of complements (kimono style jacket with black sleeves, red striped fabric in the front and pockets)  Thank YOU - Cheers” – Shauna

"High five to Kjaer for providing such an excellent first-meeting. I was not optimistic about coming to your studio... a vision of someone tapping their toe and saying "tsk" while I nervously browsed was running through my head.
A perfect example of why one should NEVER make an assumption!
I felt warmly welcomed on arrival and was then was left to browse. When you offered your assistance and suggestions, I was guided to three pieces which were perfect!
Amazing clothing and no sales pressure... thank you Kjaer. I'll be back."  ‎Wendy Station

"This is not mass produced clothing.  Kjaer's clothing line is her art.  She puts a part of herself into every piece of clothing that she creates."  - J. Welch

​"Happy New Year, Kjaer!  You take customer service to an all-time high...what a fabulous business woman you are.  No wonder you are so successful - beautiful clothing, beautiful person!   My top arrived a few short days after my last fits me perfectly and I love it!  Thanks so much!  I hope your husband is on the mend....all the best in 2017! Sincerely," Mary Beth MacKenzie

Kate: Oh... I giggle every time I even look at my new skirt, I just love it so much and my pants... wow... feels like I am wearing nothing at all!... women have been waiting for you forever.

Judy: Kjaer’s designs are so contemporary, sophisticated, easy to wear, and fit every body.  She seems to play with the body in her designs so that even though there is a simplicity in her line, even often minimalistic, the clothes are comfortable, easy to wear, and seem to be timeless in their elegant designs...

Maria: I have been wearing Kjaer Originals for the past 18 months.  I love the uniqueness of the style and how the clothes feel when I wear them.  I have several bamboo cotton pieces that I adore, plus I have several dressy pieces that I wear for special occasions.  The fantastic thing about Kjaer Originals is that they come prewashed so you don't have to worry about shrinkage.  The line is fabulous. I look forward to purchasing more Kjaer Originals soon.

Nicole: I find that wearing Kjaer's creations is like entering a new skin ~ a new image is reflected in the mirror, and wow ! I feel free to be me as never before!.. and how I like to dazzle my friends with a new piece of Kjaer's collection!  The compliments I receive, and the comfort that is mine when I move

Sharon: Kjaer Original's gives me that size 8 feeling again. I no longer run in fear from the fitting room.  I can't wait to try on something new.  It fits - it looks great - and I feel good!!!!   And the bonus is that everywhere I go someone stops me and says "where did you get that?"  Another K.O. from Kjaer!!!

Amy: I still cannot believe that Kjaer Originals are all made without patterns and designed and constructed by one person.  I own a couple of pieces already and I know that they wear well and, I think, too, that they will look good on me forever.

Claire: K. O. Clothing is so versatile and so obviously designed by a muti-facieted artist.  A pleasure to own and a joy to wear.

Lorna: These clothes cater to women who are all sizes, but women who aren't afraid of colour, and life.  They're for the woman who lives life to its fullest, and you cater to that woman. Yes, wearing art can be good for the soul because it's also about a declaration of intent on the part of the person wearing them. 

Sherri: Kjaer Originals is for the woman who is on the perpetual treasure hunt.... creating and collecting pieces to mix and layer so that combinations are infinite in her personal wardrobe... and yet, always having easy throw on pieces so that every day she can feel beautiful with no thought in dressing.

Kathy: Thank you, Kjaer Pedersen!  I believe that you design for the creative woman with such amazing style and yet simplicity.  I have yet to go out with a piece of yours on where I am not asked who the designer is.  Comfortable, elegant... and so eye catching... because simply put.. you make me feel good about ME!

Jody: The only words that I can use for Kjaer Original Clothing Line would be simply “relaxed funky”.  I simply LOVE my pieces.  Thank you, Kjaer, I wake up every day and can just throw on a piece and FEEEL great!!!

Jillian: Wow!  I love that the Kjaer creates a line of total individuality.  Because she free hand cuts, and buys small quantities of material types, no two pieces will ever be identical... and I like that A LOT!!!  I am so happy to hand over my body frame so that it can become the masterpiece through an art you can wear piece of clothing made by Kjaer.  Oh... and I LOVE the new basics, too.  Great tops, pants, jackets, skirts are beginning to become a staple in her line, too.

Anne:  I can buy off the rack easily anywhere and was not going to bother having a look at your line.  I am so glad that I did.  I find that Kjaer Originals are the clothes that I pack when I take trips and the clothes that I wear, simply, well, everywhere.  I love my clothes and they wash up so well and always make me look and feel magnificent.  Thank you!

Nora: Timeless... ageless... I am beautiful... thank you Kjaer... I look and feeeel fabulous... every day!