I am concerned about buying online before I see it and try it on.  
May I do a return and receive my money back?

Even though I am a small business and I have stated exchange only, I understand.  So, yes, you can do this.  I will give your full money back if returned within the week.  Two weeks at most :).  The item must be unworn with the original tags attached.  When I reimburse you, it will be with the original shipping cost taken off.  I need to say, though, that my customers are very happy with my product.  I create every garment myself and pay close attention to the details.  I have every confidence that you will be happy with your chosen KOME clothing and for many years to come.  

I don't understand the sizing.  Please explain.

My KOME line is exclusively all a one woman show.  I do it all.. for YOU ... personally shop for my fabrics, paying attention to how they look, FEEL, and drape.  My garments that are One Size truly are one size unless I state differently.  Due to the drape and cut of my line, a garment that looks great on a small woman, can look equally fabulous on a 3X woman.  Some pieces I do purposefully cut smaller or larger and I mention this when I do.  

I also certainly create for woman of any size and height to their specifications at no extra charge. 

My tanks, tunics, and dresses are quite precisely sized.  They are as follows depending on the garment: 
-S - 2-8, -M - 10-14, -L - 16-20, -XL - 22, 3X, -XXL (send bust measurement please) 
– or - -S/M – 2-16, -L/XL – 18-22, -XXL – (send bust measurement please)

Do I pay the taxes?

Taxes are included in the price.

What about washing my KOME garments?

Every piece is quite different and so I include these instructions with all of my designer garments: 
Treat your KOME (kayohme) garments with Kjaer (care)
Paying a little extra attention to how you wash your clothes will make them live longer, look better and create less of a negative impact on the planet and so DO wash with KJAER - all of your K-O.ME treasures and they will last for many years to come.
 Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle with mesh laundry bag) using mild soap or dry clean. Do not ever use hot water. Wash separately. Drip. lay flat, or tumble dry low.  Iron if required.
 Silks as above… but with a little extra instructions…. ALWAYS use a gentle detergent or even your own gentle shampoo.  Adding a teaspoon of vinegar for the final rinse will maintain the shining colours.  Do not wring.. wrap in towel to take some moisture out.. cool iron with damp fabric is best (spray lightly with water if needed).
 Kjaer creates K-O.ME clothing to wear and wear and WEAR!  Enjoy!!!